Friday, September 2, 2011

My disability-grade MS fatigue

It was bound to happen; that I start blogging about my predicament with MS.  I haul my disability-grade fatigued-self around, or not, depending on energy level.  Even with pacing myself, I can't insure success with even the most modest of plans, since the fatigue comes like WHAM  - with no warning.  I just wake up that way some days, like today.   Was it something in last night's dream that riled up something unresolved in my subconscious?   Is that the root of MS, of all disease?   That's a theory authors Louise Hay and Leonard Laskow, MD may say.

Full disclosure:  On the flip side, some mornings, maybe a few in a row, I wake up more energized, by the time I walk from the bedroom to the kitchen I "know" I'm on a good roll.  My legs feel more connected to the ground, I am using more of my left leg and the sole of that foot. I don't trip over the rugs.  I move with better speed and confidence.  I have a healthy appetite, want to exercise in my backyard pool, and think of creative variations to my daily routine.  The energy can last until mid-morning, or if I'm really fortunate, almost all day, if I pace myself. 

Back to the fatigue:  Let's say I've a "date" out in the world, like this Wednesday.  I  woke up exhausted, but decided to soldier through anyway.  That added a fatigue layer something akin to suffering.   And, I must have communicated that to my trusted automobile, Tupelo, whose "check engine" light came on.  The laws of the universe are consistent, and don't lie.  I think the car was signaling me to turn around and come straight home for a nap.  The Prius and I are One.

I'm lately thinking its time to see a Functional medicine MD.   Functional medicine will test to see how my DNA impacts my enzymes for metabolizing toxins, neurotransmitters, etc.  It will also test my toxic load: bacteria, yeasts, parasites in the colon, possible food sensitivities.  (I have been strictly gluten and dairy free for a long time, if nothing else, I hope to impress...)  btw- a phone interview with a likely functional MD candidate yielded his remark: "Only a neurologist says MS is non-reversible."  Bingo, I like that.  And, I've heard it before.  I'm looking for a reversal of symptoms, and yes, I do believe that is possible, but, to date, illusive.  My trend seems to remain slow progression.

A caution is, I've already seen reputable Naturopaths, over time,and to date they haven't found the key for my health.  They've only given me a few lasting pointers and suggestions.  "Drink Emergen-C, its good for you."  "Smoothies in the morning are good for you."  "Journal about fulfillment, composure." And, universally "I'm giving you this supplement for your adrenals."

The other thing is, naturopaths and/or functional medicine doctors tend not to take any insurance.  (In my experience, the courses of any integrative treatment tend to be long and can incur substantial out of pocket expense, best to find out codes and estimates of how much insurance will cover up front, if you are on a budget.)

Thank you for reading my very first blog about my MS.  I've named this blog "itchyca" after a nickname my caregiver-husband started calling me awhile ago. Is is meant as a term of endearment.  Greg and I celebrate 11 years of marriage tomorrow.  I was healthier back then, but at least I've kept my girlish figure!    I'm quite fatigued today and writing got my mind onto something better.   I will now go and drink an eight oz. glass of filtered water with 1,000 mg Emergen-C .   Back again soon with another installment.   


  1. who is this person writing this blog and what have you done to my friend Toni? ; )
    Thank you for your honest sharing many will learn and be comforted by your courage. While your gait may be different, you truly have come a long way in your healing...continued wholeness in your new blogosphere!
    your friend, matt

  2. Toni, thank you for sharing your thoughts--I appreciate the connection to your life. Your courage is inspirational. Betty

  3. Welcome to the blogosphere, my friend. :) I thought we weren't supposed to have Emergen-C because it boosts the immune system?

  4. Ginia, Really?.I double checked and my Emergen-C and it has Vit C, lottsa B complex, and minerals. Nothing to rev up the immune system. alpha-Liponic acid and Quercetin are beneficial to MS, and are also listed. Cranberry Pomegranate. LOL

  5. Betty - If you read me, then thank you! Your traveling self is also an inspiration to moi.

    Matt - We're good, I am simply learning the blogosphere technology.