Friday, October 28, 2011

Stimulus Not Austerity...!!

Since my last post, six weeks ago, I've caught on how to attach photos and links to Blogger. My focus remains on wellness, and stopping the progression of this mysterious MS dis-ease.  I do this by researching; following my nose, reading other MS patient blogs, and keeping tabs on the enlightened MS  "dot orgs".  They are all terrific.  Within reason, I apply a "Stimulus not austerity" approach, meaning I don't "tighten my belt" too snugly when it comes to health matters.

You've given me positive feedback and encouragement on my first posts, so thank you!  October means I will have a milestone birthday on Halloween.  (Dear cute little sweet-toothed goblins, you're going to get a delicious apple, please don't play any tricks!)

The two salty, grinning sailors below are Greg and moi in San Diego. That's Point Loma in the background, directly across from Coronado Is.  The swells were high that day out beyond the Point. I grabbed the best seat, esp. since I felt a teensy seasick. I was initially apprehensive about the excursion, but with a just little help getting in and out of the 40' Catalina, I overcame these MS-related fears and insecurities.  From my high vantage point, it was possible to look down right into the sea water and see all kinds of sea life.  Sea algae, part of my Paleo food plan, was abundant and particularly fascinating to watch floating by.   OMG - the fresh air!!!  It was 72 degrees. I'd just spent all summer mostly indoors because in Phoenix the temperature climbed to 117 degrees.  I'm very heat sensitive.  The 45 degree temperature difference brought on Stimulus #1.  I became much more feisty.  Life is rich.

I've seen my new Naturopath doctor, with ACAM credentials (American College for the Advancement of Medicine, a progressive integrative medicine organization).  Doc Mitchell also happens to be a neighbor.  I had to laugh, I told him my tinnitus was on my left side.  But soon after, I got very loud ear ringing in my right ear too.  I felt like Marty Feldman's "Igor" character in Young Frankenstein, where his hump shifted from left to right and back again!  The game plan is to once-and-for-all rule out toxins, check for subclinical or hidden viruses, bacterias, parasites, and test for heavy metals.  At this writing, my bloodwork is out for micronutrient analysis at a specialty lab in Texas.  If there is some essential nutrient missing, something that figures into demylenation, then the doctor will put it back in. There's Stimulus #2.

Having the diagnosis of RRMS (Relapsing Remitting MS) since 2003, I find the terminology and reality oxymoronic.  RRMS follows a less progressive course, but progressive nonetheless. There's always been a gradual decline, even without relapse, and it scares me.  It scares me because I take such good care of myself, my mitrochondria, my endotheliem, and still the bugger hangs on.  My specific CCSVI improvements are the only positive directionals.  I would like to travel to San Diego, this time to have another CCSVI procedure, and maybe a sail, that's a future Stimulus.  The "lavish spending" efforts are very much preventative, before this mysterious MS dis-ease morphs into an even more sinister and progressive version of itself.

I'll wrap up with a picture of a beautiful Paiste healing Gong.  Symphonies and rock bands (i.e. Led Zeppelin) use Gongs. Sound healers also use them. The healing vibrations of a well-played Gong have been known since ancient times.  I went to my first Gongbath this summer and experienced an unbelievable improvement in balance, and a clearing of the pressure inside my head/brain.  I had literally needed someone's arm to help get into the building, and walked out later rebalanced, on my own, and with a spring in my step. :~)  They're called Gongbaths since their blossoming vibrations bathe the human body.  For more info and books on Gongs and exactly how they heal, I invite you to visit:  #4 Stimulus.

(What I really just want to tell you is that for my milestone Halloween birthday, I'm having 30 of my best friends over to a special venue to experience their first Gongbath, graciously given by Gongmaster and friends, Jere and Ellen.  Now, how do you like them apples? ) 

Be well, allow beauty into your life, remember that every personal connection is meaningful, and, that laughter is life's sweetest creation.